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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What details will I need for a quotation?

Your business details, property construction, security information, claims history and sums insured. However, it’s also useful if you have your existing policy schedule or renewal notice to hand.

Do you provide cover for Post Office money?

Post Office money is actually covered by 'The Post Office', however, if an employee has stolen money which belongs to 'The Post Office' a limit of £5,000 is provided under our policy.

How can I pay for the policy?

You are able to pay by debit card over the phone or instalment facilities are usually available. Should you wish to pay by monthly instalments full information as to the payment basis will be provided once you decide to proceed with cover. Please note that the implementation of the EU Consumer Credit Directive from February 2011 means we have to provide specific information to you so you are able to decide if that basis of payment is right for you. We are also legally obliged to advise you of the interest rate applicable and APR and inform you of who is providing the credit facility and our relationship with them.

You also need to be aware that whoever provides the instalment facility may carry out credit checks which might involve use of a credit reference agency.

PostGuard Shop Insurance is currently interest free and 0% APR

There is currently an interest charge for instalments on our Newsagents Division Shop policy. Please contact us for further information.

Home Cover is currently interest free and 0% APR.

What Excesses will I pay?

Sub-Post Office & Newsagents Insurance with Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc:

Property Damage is only £250.
Other excesses that apply:
Glass £50, Stock in transit £100, Deterioration of stock £50, money of £50 and Subsidence (if cover required) £1000

Will I need to complete any forms?

NO. Our policy is based on a statement of fact.

Will I receive my documentation quickly?
YES. All documentation is issued by us and will include your policy schedule and Employers Liability Certificate.

Will you inform me when it is due for renewal?
YES. Giving you plenty of time to review your cover and terms for the following year.

How can I adjust my levels of cover?
By simply contacting the PostGuard team on 0161 236 3141 (if you're adjusting a quotation) or 0161 234 9330 (if you're adjusting an existing policy)

Do you offer any other insurers for Post Offices?
NO. We have designed this policy specifically for post offices and sub post offices.

Do you offer any other insurers for Newsagents?
NO. We have designed this policy specifically for Newsagents Shops.

How do I make a claim?

General Claims Helpline:0800 975 4281 (24 Hours)

Legal Advice: 01455 251 500 (24 Hours)

Tax Advice: 01455 251 500

Employment Advice: 01455 251 500

Health & Safety Advice: 01455 251 500 (24 Hours)

Counselling Helpline: 01455 251 500 (24 Hours)

Legal Expenses Claims: 0208 652 1313


Where prompted when accessing the above helpline services please have your policy number to hand.

How quickly can I arrange cover?

NOW. Over the phone with the PostGuard team on 0161 236 3141.

How long does a quotation take?
Its easy, about 5-10 minutes!

Who is the insurer?
Royal & Sun Allliance Insurance Plc.

What discounts can I obtain?
We offer discounts for no claims, security and trading experience.

PostGuard is a highly competitive shop insurance policy tailor made for Post Offices.

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Home Cover is now available to all Postmasters, Sub-Postmasters, Newsagents and staff.

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